To promote nuclear energy or not? See where Pioneers across Europe stand on four critical climate questions

Climate Pioneers No. 15: Here is how participants of EIT Climate KIC´s Pioneers programme voted on important climate issues.

Participants of EIT Climate KIC´s Pioneers programme had to make tough decisions about nuclear energy, taxing carbon, flying short-haul and eating meat before a workshop I helped facilitate earlier this month. Find the results in this this issue and submit your preferences in the Twitter poll.

1. Energy: Promote nuclear or not?

One of the hottest debates revolves around including nuclear in the “clean” energy mix. This video is doing a pretty good job explaining the pros and cons. The group leaned towards not promoting nuclear energy. What is your tendency?

2. Mobility: Eliminate short-haul flights?

In Europe flights under 300 miles cause the majority of aviation emissions. Yet many destinations lack the infrastructure to make roads and trains competitive alternatives. The group had a tendency to eliminate short-haul flights. What is your preference?

3. Policy: Taxing carbon or not?

Many say that a carbon tax is absolutely necessary to get emissions under control. The group is clearly agreeing with this position. What do you think, to tax or not to tax?

4. Food: Eating meat or not?

While some say ”It’s not the cow, it’s the how” other sources argue that switching to a plant-based diet is indispensable. However, the majority of the group wants to keep meat on the plate. Would you ban eating meat or not?

With the exception of a carbon tax, the other topics remain contested. There are a lot of nuances that make taking a clear position about nuclear energy, animal meat, short-haul flights more difficult. I guess innovation will lead the path forward, yet continuing the public conversation will determine how rocky that path will be. What do you think? Let us know in the poll and comments.

Now it’s your turn: What is your standpoint on the topics?

To the poll

We’re curious to see whether one group of Pioneers agrees or disagrees with the other group of Pioneers ;)

Learn more about EIT Climate-KIC and the Pioneers programme

Pioneers is a flagship programme of EIT Climate-KIC, a Knowledge and Innovation community supporting systemic climate innovation co-funded by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology. You can join their Week of Action from October 25–31. Check out the full schedule on the event page.

A great thank you to Strategic Programme Builder Lisa Janßen for reading drafts of this issue and running the workshop together with Sigmund Kluckner and me.